TMT Capital Solutions is the Top Buyer of Structured Settlement Payments

If you are even considering exchanging an asset, including structured settlement payments, due to you in the future for an immediate lump sum payment, please contact us to discuss your options.  As the top nationwide boutique buyer of structured settlement payments, TMT Capital Solutions can get you up to 55% more cash.  

3 Reasons Why TMT Capital Solution is the Right Choice for You

  1. Personalized Service from a Buyer of Structured Settlement Payments with Experience.

As a structured settlement company operated by professionals with decades of experience and a vast network of financial partners, we will to get you MORE MONEY and get that money to you FASTER.  Our goal is not to be the biggest buyer of structured settlement payment but to remain a size that can continue to offer unique, personalized service that meets our customers’ specific needs when it comes to selling structured settlement payments and other future periodic payment streams.  This philosophy, coupled with our experience as a settlement buyer, ensures you get the attention you deserve and allows us to get deals done that other companies cannot. 

  1. Most Cash for Structured Settlement, Annuity or Other Payment Streams

Our customized service does mean you will get less cash for settlement payments or less cash for annuity payments.  In fact, the opposite is true.  Whether you are looking to sell structured settlement payments, annuities, lottery winning, or other payment rights due in the future, our team can make sure you get the most cash- often times this can be accomplished by as tailoring a transaction that involves you exchanging less of the periodic payment stream than our competitors.

With TMT Capital Solutions as your buyer of structured settlement payments, you get more money and keep more of your settlement payments, annuity payments or other illiquid asset.    

  1. Customized Alternatives that Leave You with More of Your Asset

As you buyer of structured settlement payments, we can offer you more alternatives for exchanging your annuity or structured settlement.  By utilizing our decades of combined of experience in the structured funding industry, we tailor alternatives for you to consider.  Having options matters, and therefore, we are happy to present you with various ways you can raise the money you need through exchanging different portions of your structured settlement, annuity, lottery winnings or other structured payments.

All conversations with the team at TMT Capital Solutions are obligation free and without any pressure.  We only want to go forward with a transaction with you once are comfortable and believe it is in your best interest to get cash for structured settlement payments. 

Before you sign any contract with other buyers of structured settlement payments that you may regret later, contact us.   We can provide you with immediate quotes and alternatives.  Let us prove to you why we are the best buyer of structured settlement payments and show you how much more cash for structured settlement payments we can provide.

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