Cash Out Structured Settlement

You can cash out structured settlement for the most cash with TMT Capital Solutions. Not only that but we are committed to providing you with various alternatives and options when it comes to cashing out structured settlements.  What do we mean by that? It is more than likely we can devise an offer to cash out structured settlements without requiring you to exchange the full structured settlement for the lump sum of cash you need.  Below are just some of the ways a structured settlement cash out can be designed:

  1. Full Cash Out of Structured Settlement:  This is the most obvious alternative.  We provide you a lump sum offer for your entire structured settlement.  Obviously, this option will provide you with the most cash for structured settlement.  The downside of course is that you are exchanging your entire structured settlement for lump sum and will not receive any portion of the structured settlement in the future.
  2. Deferred Cash Out Structured Settlement:  With this alternative, if you are currently receive monthly structured insurance payments, we can provide you an immediate lump sum in exchange for structured settlement payments starting sometime in the future. This allows you to keep your monthly income from structured settlement and still get the lump sum you are looking for.
  3. Partial Structured Settlement Cash Out:  If you prefer to keep a steady stream of income from your structured settlement or maintain the current structure of the settlement, we can provide you a lump sum for a portion/part of some of your structured settlement payments.
  4. Partial Cash Out of Structured Settlement Lump Sums:  If you are entitled to lump sums as part of your structured settlement, we can likely help you cash out just part of a lump sum for immediate money. 
  5. Cash Out Life Contingent Structured Settlement Payments:  This option allows you to access cash for structured settlements that are nonguaranteed structured settlement payments also known as life contingent settlement payments.  Depending on a host of factors, this may be your best alternative as it allows you to get cash for structured settlement payments that the annuity issuer may never pay if you were to pass away prior to them become due.

When you call and speak to one of our top structured settlement buyers, they can walk you through how each of these alternatives applies to your particular situation and your structured settlement arrangement.  Of course, its completely free and without any obligation for your to review these options with TMT Capital Solutions and get quotes.

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