At TMT Capital Solutions we provide fully transparent offers in connection with cash for structured settlement payments.  Whether we provide you a quote for monthly structured settlement payments, lump sum structured settlement payments due in the future or life contingent structured settlement payments, our offers NEVER contain any hidden fees or costs. Call us with any other offer you have regarding cash for structured settlement payments and we WILL beat it- by up to 55%.

If you elect to go forward with us as your buyer of structured settlement payments, the process we follow is outlined below.  As you will quickly find out when you speak to us, the answer to question “how to sell structured settlement payments” is to choose a professional structured settlement buyer that is committed to top customer service. 

Step #1:  After speaking with one of our expert structured settlement buyers and hearing our quote for your structured settlement payments, you can take as long as you need to decide whether going forward with TMT Capital Solutions is the right choice for you.  Ultimately, we hope you choose us for your lump sum needs and will do everything it takes to earn your business.

Step #2:  If you agree that we are the best structured settlement buyer for you, call us and we will provide you with a disclosure statement setting forth the financial terms required by the laws of the state where you live in connection with selling structured settlement payments.  You will note on the disclosure statement that we charge NO FEES in connection with providing you cash for structured settlement payments (That is definitely not the case with other structured settlement buyers)

Step #3:  Once the requisite time period has passed after your receipt of the disclosure statement, it is time to sign the contract. We are happy to pay for and send out a notary to your house or any location you wish. Again, TMT Capital pays for this along with all other expenses in connection with getting you cash for structured settlement payments.

Step #4:  Once you sign the contract in connection with selling structured settlement payments, the matter will be filed in court and shortly thereafter, subject to court approval, TMT Capital will provide you with the lump sum of cash for structured settlement payments.  Of course, if you need money prior to this final funding, TMT Capital is happy to provide you with a cash advance on structured settlement payments.

Have any more questions about how to sell structured settlement payments properly, the process of selling structured settlement payments, or the details of how it will work in the particular state where you live? Call the experts at TMT Capital Solutions and we are happy to provide you with the answers to any questions you have. 

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