At TMT Capital Solutions, we work only with the most sophisticated customers that completely understand how to sell a structured settlement.  Our experience and network of financial partners puts us in a position to provide not only more cash for structured settlement payments but also the skill and knowledge to ensure the process of cashing out a structured settlement for a lump sum is done seamlessly and in full compliance with the law.  Call us at 1-800-595-0411 to learn how much more cash for your structured settlement payments we can provide you.   

How to Sell a Structured Settlement & How to Sell Structured Settlement Payments:

Step #1: How to Sell a Structured Settlement:  Before cashing out any portion of your structured settlement, it is imperative you take stock of your finances.  Consider both how you would use a lump sum and also how you will be impacted by exchanging the structured settlement for a lump sum. As part of this analysis, consider how much of a lump sum for structured settlement you will need to accomplish your goals.

Step #2How to Sell a Structured Settlement:  Speak to several buyers of structured settlement payments.  You will see that offers for your structured settlement payments will vary.  The best structured settlement buyers, those with experience, should be able to construct alternatives for you to consider. Examples of this include offers for full structured settlement buyouts, partial structured settlement buyouts and deferred structured settlement buyouts.  Also, as part of the process of considering how to sell a structured settlement, you should ask potential structured settlement buyers if they are going to charge you any fees or costs in connection with the cash out process.

Step #3:  How to Sell a Structured Settlement:  Take your time and consider the offers from the  structured settlement buyers.  This is a big decision and should not be made in haste.  Avoid structured settlement buyers that try to pressure you into selling structured settlement payments if you are uncomfortable.  You may also want to speak with a lawyer, financial advisor or any other third party you wish.

Step #4:  How to Sell a Structured Settlement:   Call up the buyer of structured settlement payments you feel most comfortable with and is offering you the top service.  Discuss time frames to cash out structured settlements, cash advances on structured settlement payments, and any other concerns you have.  Once you are ready, ask that the structured settlement buyer provide you send you a disclosure statement setting forth the financial terms required to be disclosed under the laws of the state where you live. Once received from the structured settlement buyer, review this document carefully to make sure it aligns with what you were told over the phone with regard to BOTH the amount of cash you will receive and the specific structured settlement payments you are selling.

At TMT Capital we are happy to walk you through what it takes to properly address “how to sell structured settlement payments” with specificity to your situation.  Our team can provide you with an immediate cash quote, details of how long it will take in the state you live and we are committed to getting you the most cash for a structured settlement.   Make sure to talk to us at 1-800-595-0411 before you decide to cash out structured settlement with any other structured settlement buyer.



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