From across the country, TMT Capital Solutions has brought together some of the most experienced personnel in the structured settlement and annuity secondary market. As a result, TMT Capital Solutions can now offer the opportunity to acquire structured settlement payments funded by annuities at substantially higher return than may be available through the direct purchase of the same periodic payments from the annuity issuer. These periodic payment streams are frequently referred to as “Secondary Market Annuities.”

We are able to provide this opportunity to acquire Secondary Market Annuities by locating individuals that are due future structured settlement payments or annuity streams, and then negotiating the purchase of those payments for an immediate lump sum payment. Once the individual agrees to a lump sum payment in exchange for his or her future structured settlement payments, TMT Capital Solutions will initiate a court approval process to effectuate, on behalf of our investor and funding partners, the acquisition of the vested right to receive future structured settlement payments.
Every one of TMT Capital Solutions transactions, including the Secondary Market Annuities, must meet rigorous underwriting guidelines and are strictly processed in compliance with the law. Our team of professionals has decades of combined experience and have originated, reviewed and/or processed literally thousands of transactions.

While we do not provide financial advice regarding Secondary Market Annuities, we will follow your directions with respect to what type of structured settlement payments you wish to acquire. In determining what in our current and future inventory is of interest to you, you can specify: (1) rating of carrier obligated to make the structured settlement payments; (2) nature of payment stream (immediate, deferred, lumps) and (3) average life of structured settlement payment stream. In most cases we will have a deal that matches your preferences. If not, we will locate one in short order.

If you are interested in more information regarding Secondary Market Annuities, we welcome your inquires and our team of experts are here to answer any questions you may have. Our hope is that you will become one of our many financial partners that get the benefit of these structured settlement payments at a rate of return not otherwise available from annuities offered to the general public.
Please feel free to send us an email at or simply fill out the submission form on this page. We will get back to you within 24 hours.
Our inventory of Secondary Market Annuities for sale is constantly changing and we are happy to locate structured settlement payments, including immediate income Secondary Market Annuities, if we do not currently have what you are looking for available.   

* Acquiring structured settlement payments from the secondary market is not suitable for all people and involves special risks including, but not limited to, potential adverse market forces, regulatory changes, and potential illiquidity. TMT Capital Solutions, Inc., does not provide financial, legal or tax advice of any type. By contacting TMT Capital Solutions, Inc., you understand and agree that the decision to purchase structured settlement payments, including Secondary Market Annuities, and which structured settlements to purchase, is ultimately yours alone and agree and understand that TMT Capital Solutions, Inc, will not provide advice of any type.


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