Secondary Market Annuities for Sale

By the very nature of how the periodic future payments that make up a so-called “secondary market annuity” are acquired, it is often difficult to find secondary market annuities for sale that match what you are looking for.  We are well aware that the desirable nature of certain secondary market annuities makes finding them available for sale difficult. 

As a result, TMT has teamed up with certain direct secondary market annuity originators in order to get “first crack” at inventory as it becomes available.  By placing secondary market annuities quickly for these originators and thereby minimizing their work, we are able to pass along favorable rates on secondary market annuities to customers. As the available secondary market annuities for sale is ever changing, it is frequently best for a potential customer to contact us in advance with the specific type of secondary market annuity they desire. Be it:

  1. Immediate income secondary market annuities
  2. Deferred income secondary market annuities
  3. Secondary market annuities with the highest yield
  4. Secondary market annuities with lump sum future payments
  5. Secondary market annuities without lump sum future payments

With different goals when acquiring secondary market annuities, we appreciate everybody has slightly different specifications they are looking for.  Keep in mind that we do not provide financial advice of any type but instead follow your specific directions when looking a secondary market annuity for sale that meets your need.  However, whether your specifications are duration, annuity issuer and/or purchase price, if there is a secondary market annuity for sale that meets your request, we will find it.  If we can’t immediately find a secondary market annuity for sale that is consistent with what you are looking for, we will simply contact you proactively as soon as we become aware of one.

While secondary market annuities are not truly annuities but instead re-assigned payments due under pre-existing annuities, we know that many people have grown comfortable with acquiring this product and are happy with the yield they provide.   We hope you will as well and when you do, you will look to our experts to facilitate your acquisition.  

If you are looking for additional information about secondary market annuities or a list of available secondary market annuities through TMT Capital, please contact us.



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