Sell My Structured Settlement Payments- Let Us Show You How

One call to us and you may realize thousands of dollars more for selling your structured settlement payments.  A common question we receive from potential customers is:  “How do I sell my structured settlement payments for the most cash?” At TMT Capital, we are happy to review all quotes you currently have from other structured settlement buyers and advise you how much more cash for the very same structured settlement payments we can pay you.

Getting quotes from TMT Capital is simple and straightforward.  We need very little information from you in order to formulate an offer of what type of compensation we can provide you in exchange for structured settlement payments.  While other structured settlement companies may try to make the process of getting quotes complicated and confusing, our objective when working with customers posing questions about  “how to sell my structure settlement payments” is the complete opposite.

When you call us we will not keep you on the phone indefinitely asking you irrelevant, personal questions.  Instead we will simply asking you for the basic information regarding the structured settlement you are looking to sell and based on that information, provide you with an INSTANT FREE quote for your structured settlement payments.  The quote to sell structured settlement payments will be absolutely clear; i.e.,  here is the lump sum we will pay you for selling structured settlement payments to us.  No need to worry about administrative or processing fees when you work with TMT Capital, we never charge them to our customers.  The quote for structured settlement payments you receive from us for selling structured settlement payments is the precise amount you will receive.

Upon receipt of the structured settlement sale quote you can elect to get the proposal in writing.  We have nothing to hide with our great structured settlement pricing and we understand that you want to see it down on paper before you agree to anything. We can email, mail or fax you any verbal quote you receive from us to sell structured settlement payments for a lump sum.

Never go forward with a contract to “sell my structured settlement payments” without speaking to us first: 1-800-595-0411.  A two minute call to TMT= Thousands of Dollars more cash.


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