At TMT Capital Solutions our goal is help people get the most cash for structured settlement payments and that’s why we offer our up to 55% for cash for structured settlement payments.

The single most important factor when selling structured settlement payments should be getting the most money.  It is for this reason, we guarantee to beat any of our competitors offers by up to 55% more cash for selling structured settlement payments to us.

What type of structured settlements can you sell to us for up to 55% more cash?

  1. Monthly structured settlement payments
  2. Lump sum structured settlement payments
  3. Annual structured settlement payments
  4. Structured Settlement due 1, 2, or 3 decades from now
  5. Life Contingent Structured Settlement Payments

Regardless if you are selling structured settlement payments that fit into one of the five categories above or if you are looking to sell structured settlement payments of a different variety, it is our goal at TMT Capital Solutions to pay you up to 55% more cash than any other offer you have.  After years of working with people selling structured settlement payments throughout the country, we have streamlined the process and set up at network of financial partners that allow us to make this offer. 

We know that there are larger structured settlement companies you can sell structured settlement payments to and that these structured settlement companies have fancier websites. Neither of these two things, however, are our focus at TMT Capital Solutions.  Our focus is to provide you with the highest level of customer service along with more cash in exchange for your structured settlement payments.  We believe these two items; namely best price and best customer service, should be the focus when it comes to selling structured settlement payments for a lump sum.
Please give us the opportunity to earn your business before you sign any documents relating to selling structured settlement payments for cash. We are confident that if given a chance to provide you with a quote for your structured settlement payments, you will see what a difference it makes to work with a small professional group that gives you the individualized attention your situation deserves. 





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