Structured Settlement Loan:  Not the Best Option

A loan, maybe even a structured settlement loan, generally require certain things before issuance.  For example, a lender prior to providing loans may look to your credit, your outstanding debt and your employment status.  Of course, the very reason you are looking for a loan, including the potential of a structured settlement loan, may be because you fell behind in your bills, mortgage or car payments.  Naturally this may be the result of losing employment or finding yourself underemployed.  Even if you have the right to structured settlement payments, you may find yourself unable to get a loan under your current circumstances.

TMT has a solution.  TMT Capital can provide you with immediate cash for structured settlements and NOT in the form of a structured settlement loan.  Since we are not providing you a structured settlement loan- your credit, your employment and the absence of any collateral is not an issue with regard to get cash for your structured settlement payments from Catalina.  In many ways this may be the best option when compared to terms you may find elsewhere for a structured settlement loan.
Here is how it works:  When you contact us regarding getting cash for structured settlement payments, as opposed to a structured settlement loan, we will gather basic information regarding your structured settlement.  We will simply need to know: (1) what structured settlement payments you are entitled to, (2) when the structured settlement payments are due and (3) the name of structured settlement company.  Note:  as this is not a structured settlement loan we will not be asking you ANY questions regarding your employment or finances when preparing a structured settlement cash quote. 

Getting the quote for structured settlement payments is completely free, without an obligation, and you need not make a decision on the spot.   You also need not worry that you will be required to sell all of your structured settlement payments.  In most cases, customers can get as much cash as needed without selling an entire structured settlement. 

While a structured settlement loan may be initially what you inquire about, a lump sum for part of structured settlement may be the best alternative.  Before you continue looking for a structured settlement loan, contact us to review this option. We know that you will be very happy with the rates on structured settlement purchases we can offer, even partial structured settlement purchases. 

Once you have our offer than you can go see if you can find better terms for a structured settlement loan from another company. That will not happen- best offer structured settlement payments.  Call today and learn more at 1-800-595-0411.   



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