What it Takes to Be a Top Structured Settlement Buyer?

What can a structured settlement buyer do for you?  The best structured settlement buyers can work with you to get cash in exchange for future structured insurance payments in a professional manner.  In order to do so properly, however, the structured settlement buyer needs experience as the laws, both federal and state, that govern the exchange of structured settlement payments for a lump sum are highly technical and state specific.  Working with an inexperience structured settlement buyer can result in significant determinant to you in a host of ways

How can working with a top buyer of structured settlements  can benefit you?

  1. The best structured settlement buyers have the experience and know-how to provide you with alternatives to consider when cashing out structured settlement payments.  While you may want to cash out structured settlement in its entirety, you may be pleasantly surprised how much cash for structured settlement you can receive from only selling a portion of structured settlement.
  2. The best structured settlement buyers, in our opinion, will not charge you fees in connection with selling structured settlement payments.  While the fees associated with cashing out structured settlements are high, we believe to be the best buyer of structured settlement payments the company should assume all the costs and not pass them along to their structured settlement customers.
  3.  The best structured settlement buyers will properly prepare the legal documents and court filings so that the process of selling structured settlement payments moves as smoothly as possible.  Improperly prepared documents and sloppy court filings could result in delays in you getting lump sum for structured settlement.  This is a real risk if you go with  one of the inexperienced buyers of structured settlements.
  4. The best structured settlement companies, in our view, should make available structured settlement cash advances for their customers.  While you may not need a cash advance on structured settlement prior to final funding, it is good to know that if you do, you picked one of the top structured settlement buyers that will make the advance of cash on structured settlements available to you. 


Working with inexperience structured settlement buyers can cause you a host of additional problems. At TMT Capital, our experience means you get:

  1. Top Customer Service: including lump sum for structured settlement options, cash advances on structured settlements, and a specially assigned expert to assist you.
  2. Best Offer Commitment:  Call us with another offer from a different structured settlement buyer to cash out structured settlement and we will best it by providing you more cash for your structured settlement.
  3. Zero Fee Guarantee:  We will never pass along any fees or costs to you.  Our lump sum offers represent the exact amount you will receive at funding.


Call Us Today and You Will See the Difference Working with One of the Best Structured Settlement Buyers Makes




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